8080 Wholesome little Hedgies forever secured on the Ethereum blockchain.
Each Hedgie comes with Full Commercial Rights to their respective verified owner for the full duration of ownership.


Meet the Hedgies

Hedgies Club are unique ultra high resolution Hedgie artwork, generated algorithmically with over 169+ individually hand-drawn traits across 6 unique categories.


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Discover & Collect a variety of Rares & 1 of 1's:

We dedicated our vision, time and well thought-out artistic efforts to create for you the cutest and edgiest Hedgies; releasing them out into the wild to find new homes.


Details and FAQ

Become an exclusive Hedgies Club V.V.I.P. Member Today!

These Irresistibly Adorable Little Hedgies are for:

•   Newcomers who are interested in joining the NFT ecosystem without the high cost barrier-to-entry.

  Veteran NFT art collectors looking for a new wholesome collectible to add to their collection.

Exclusive Perks & Benefits:

Each Hedgie comes with Full Commercial Rights.

Verified owners have the freedom to monetize their Hedgie's charm and charisma in a myriad of ways for the full duration of their ownership.

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